Join us in our mission to honor the invaluable history of our Veterans at Marion County Veterans Park.




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Our Mission: Honoring Heroes, Preserving History

At Friends of Marion County Veterans Park, we are dedicated to paying tribute to our veterans and preserving their history for future generations.

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How You Can Make a Difference

Spread Awareness

Encourage people to share the mission and stories of Marion County Veterans Park through social media, local community events, or by word of mouth. Increasing awareness can attract more volunteers, donors, and supporters, ultimately helping the park thrive and fulfill its mission. You can also organize or participate in awareness-raising events or campaigns to engage the community and promote the park's importance.

Volunteer at the Park

Volunteering at Marion County Veterans Park allows you to make a direct impact on our mission. Your time and dedication are invaluable in maintaining the park, organizing events, and preserving our veterans' legacy. Join us in creating a place of honor and remembrance for our heroes.

Donate to a Veterans Monument Campaign

Your generous donation to our Veterans Monument Campaigns plays a crucial role in honoring the sacrifices and service of our veterans. With your support, we can continue to build lasting tributes that preserve their legacy for future generations. Every contribution, no matter the size, brings us closer to our goal of ensuring that their stories are never forgotten.

Donate Now: Support Our Monument Campaigns

Your donation plays a vital role in bringing these meaningful monuments to life, ensuring that the sacrifices and stories of our veterans live on.

Educating Through Veterans' Legacy

Through Marion County Veterans Park, we aim to inspire the next generation by sharing the enduring lessons of courage, sacrifice, and patriotism.

Historical Military Education

The park's monuments and dedications serve as immersive historical lessons, offering insights into past military conflicts, the roles of servicemen and women, and the societal impact of these conflicts.

Values and Patriotism Education

The park's monuments inspire values of courage, sacrifice, and patriotism, fostering civic duty and a profound appreciation for our nation's history and veterans.

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